NAS Greenwich Autism Hub for Adults Goes Online

computer for online

It’s been quite a while since we did our Autism Hub sessions on the third Friday of each month.
So we discussed this and thought of some ideas to try out doing the Autism Hub online starting in January on the usual third Friday of the month. 

We will do these on Zoom for one hour to try some activity-led sessions that reflect some of what we did in Autism Hub sessions before. Please note you are welcome to just relax and chat and listen in as well as take part in the activity. We will hold these at 5pm.

We also want to know which sessions you would attend. Have a look below and reply to this email or email with your feedback. Please note we may change the order of sessions depending on the responses we receive.

We will send reminders by email to the mailing list, Facebook posts, and Tweets, as well as keep this page up to date. Please register at our Sign Up for Groups page here if you are new and would like to attend any of the groups. Please note this group like all our others is subject to our code of conduct which you can read here

Art palette

January 15th – Art 
Learn Japan Sumi-e water base and ink base art. 
Learn about how to apply the ink to watercolour pad canvas, in a controlled manner to draw the subject. 
Required materials: can be found at The Works shop from four pounds, for example:
Crawford And Black Watercolour Pad  £4.00
Crawford and Black Artist Watercolour Pencils – Set Of 15 £4.00
Crawford and Black Brush Pens – Pack Of 8 £4.00

musical notes

February 19th – Music
Come and join in for one hour of music and chat as part of the online hub sessions.
Take turns to share one of your favourite songs, play your instrument, listen to some new and possibly old music. 
Join in the chat or just listen as others share. 

for photography

March 19th – Photography
Learn how to do basic studio photography with what you have indoors!
See how simply a box can be turned in a small studio. Learn how blue-tack can become a universal tripod for your mobile phone to take even better selfies.
Required equipment: any camera or mobile camera, black & white plain paper or card, box, touches, blue-tack, string and strong rubber-bands, tripod (if you have one). Here is a recording from YouTube of the session:

April 16th – Books
Come online and join us for a one-hour book session. Tell us about your favourite book or even the book that you wouldn’t recommend. Which books are you interested in? Do you enjoy fiction over non-fiction books?
Join in the chat or just listen as we take turns to share.