Autism Hub – Summer Media Group June to August

The NAS Greenwich Autism Hub is branching out this summer with a new activity project for those interested in filming and has a brief to do a film that will be made up of short films by each member around the theme them and autism.

Title is: Autism: what does it mean to me?

The Brief: A film will based on Autism and what it means to an Autistic. This can be filmed as a documentary/drama/animation, etc. The film should be a minimum 10mins to maximum of 15mins.

This is so that when all films are mixed into one, the overall result will have a final run time of an hour to an hour and half).

Each film clip can be filmed by equipment like a mobile phone, video camera, camcorder etc. Note: Animations should have movement in it and not static images being transitioned in different ways.

A storyboard, script, explanation and what format is being used in, should be shown to Daniel Smith before filming begins on Friday 15th June’s Autism Hub session)

Main filming should be done by a deadline of August 25th so that Sept to end of Nov can be used for editing, effects and re-takes to be done. The final finished film will then be screened in last Autism Hub session of the year in December and made available online using a planned new media platform for the wider public.

For anyone interested, please get in touch via or the Contact form.