Going Online with Groups and Events

It’s been quite a while since we were in touch.
As this pandemic situation isn’t going away anytime soon, we wanted to see which of our groups we could try to bring back online depending on your responses.

So, we ask if you could email us greenwich@nas.org.uk stating if you would be interested in joining an online version of one or more of these groups or events:

1. Autism Hub – For autistic adults to recreate a relaxed social and creative atmosphere. We would offer activity-led events like sharing a song for others to discuss and play, a book club, or crafts-making with a seasonal theme and more. Let us know if any of these tickles your fancy and if early evening or afternoon is preferred (like our previous Friday afternoons).

2. Parent Carer Group – Bringing back our previous group meetings with parents or carers especially of autistic adults to simply share tips and experiences with others. Let us know if morning, afternoon or early evening is preferred.

3. Special events – We are thinking of hosting some special events on topics like benefits, employment or money management as related to the autism community. Let us know any topics of interest and if morning, afternoon or evening is preferable.

4. Any Other Groups – Perhaps for young people 15-17 or girls/women-only groups, etc? Let us know.

We would likely do these on Zoom. We can’t guarantee we can do all of them nor at a time which may suit. But depending on the response we get, we can plan some of these further.

Ask us any questions about the above and suggest any more you’d like to see.

Hopefully, we can start renewing our connections with you all once again!

NAS Greenwich