NAS Greenwich Talks on Benefits and Transport

To mark World Autism Acceptance Week 29 March to 4 April, NAS Greenwich put together speakers for a practical talk on benefits and transport. This took place online on 1st April 5-6pm. See below for details, downloads of presentations and a (partial) video of the event.

Benefits for Autistics, Parents and Carers

Trevor Harper of the Department for Work and Pension locally gave a talk on Universal Benefit, Personal Independence Payments, Access to Work and Carer’s Allowance.

What Transport is like for Autistic People

Claire Lindsey spoke about public transport from the perspective of an autistic person and what to know about navigating the London transport system as we start to move from lockdown.


5:00pm – Start with brief introductions
Claire Lindsey on Transport and Q&A
Trevor Harper on Benefits and Q&A
6:00pm – Close

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