Research on autistic girls transition

My name is Pauline Melham and I am a Masters student at Brunel University London, studying for my MA in Education.  I am also a member of staff at Brunel University, working as a Disability Adviser in their Disability and Dyslexia Service.

For my Masters dissertation I am researching the factors that create a smooth transition for Girls with High Functioning Autism or Asperger Syndrome when they transition from Secondary School to College, it can either be sixth form or another FE course.

Therefore, I am looking to interview girls who have HFA/Asperger’s syndrome who are either just completing their GCSE’s so are in year 11 at secondary school and will be going to college next year.  I am also looking to interview girls as above who are in their first year of college at the moment and transferred from another school last year into that college.

I am wanting to conduct interviews with them about their experiences of transition, these interviews will be recorded and will take about an hour.  Participants take part in this research on an entirely voluntary basis.

I am hoping that you can let your members know about my research in case some of them or their teenage children might want to take part in this research.  I have attached a participant information sheet which gives more information about the research. Dissertation participant information sheet, students

I am very happy to come along and give a talk to any group that you think is appropriate about support available to students on the Autistic spectrum at Universities and most especially at Brunel University.

Yours faithfully

Pauline Melham