Speaker AGM Event and Branch Feedback

We hope some of you you enjoyed the event last week on Mindfulness and Relationships plus AGM.

Whether you or attended or not, we’d like to ask some quick questions that you could simply answer below. Email greenwich@nas.org.uk or post a message here. It’d help a lot in planning future events and activities for the branch. Skip over question 1 if you didn’t attend.

  1. If you attended, how did you find the event? Was it helpful or useful? Any other comments?
  2. What did you think of some of the ideas for branch activities? Do suggest any others you may feel strongly about below:
    a. Transition/pre-adult ages activity group. What type: Practical or creative? What time of day is best?
    b. Wellness group (mindfulness and yoga) by and for autistic people? Adults and/or young people? What time of day is best?
    c. Photography and creative media? Adults and/or young people? What time of day is best?
    d. Parent carer meet ups. Different sessions for those of children and adults? Which time of day is best?
    e. Partnering with a service provider to offer local advice and counselling specifically for autistic people? Drop in centre and/or online (Skype/email)?
    f. More speaker events? Which topics? What time of day is best?
    g. Any other things you’d like to see or suggest?

Many thanks again for taking some time to reply and to those who attended. We look forward to organising more activities and events in future based on your responses!