Women Safety: Autistic Men and Women Meetings

heads together in thought

Autistic Women and Men Together on 26th May 7-8pm

Men: Would you want to know more about women think and understand them better so we all get along better?

Women: Here is a safe space to make your feelings heard and understood while learning to be safe.

Following recent events regarding violence and abuse towards women, we had a women-only meeting on 12th May to discuss and share thoughts and information about women safety.

All autistic adults, please join us together for a mixed-gender meeting on Wednesday 26th May 7-8pm to learn and understand each other better to respect womens’ safety and each other in better and new ways.

Our volunteers Claire and Dan will facilitate a virtual circle session with each person sharing their thoughts or answering their questions in turns with a time limit, so everyone can get a chance to speak and be heard. 

If anyone would rather we raised any thoughts or questions on your behalf, just email us beforehand.

Please note we won’t be doing our monthly Autism Hub so we can give this initiative some focus and we will return with the Autism Hub in June. If you have any ideas for activities for the Hub, please do share to our email address below.

Please email greenwich@nas.org.uk for a Zoom link to be shared on the day of the event.
Please note our code of conduct which applies to all groups and events. In joining our groups and events you are agreeing to abide by rules of respect for each other and we reserve the right to eject anyone breaking these.
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